Jack Russell Richardson 

Writing for Television

Daily Chaos

A political satire for the YouTube era. Each episode follows the loud and insecure host of a controversial online news platform The Daily Chaos, as he and his dysfunctional production team attempt to stay ahead of the news and behind the times. 

Script available for perusal upon request.

Lost Plots

A dark comedy about a theatre company run by a family that saves the drama for behind the curtain. When an unexpected tragedy strikes in the middle of an audition, they're forced to reckon with beautifully corrosive lives they've built for themselves while attempting to survive until the final curtain.

Script available for perusal upon request.

Writing for Film

Highway 1

The untold true story of how a young couple ran away from the midwest to become unwitting pioneers in the burgeoning identity theft wave that rocked the West Coast in the 1990s. 

Currently in Pre-Production

Writing for Theatre

Chameleon: A New Musical


Chase doesn't know how to talk about what happened this summer. So instead of facing a school full of people that want to know why he disappeared for three months, he'll team up with a Hollywood celebrity to change his life for the better - or not.

Comedy, Full-Length Musical

7m, 5f, 8 - 12 ensemble 

To be staged in 2021

Things My Dad Taught Me

A boy and his father speak to each other honestly for the first time in their lives. And the last. 

Drama/Horror, 10-minute Play

2m, 1f

Script available for perusal upon request.


Two strangers cope in the chaos that is the end of all things... and the beginning of some others. 

2 actors

Drama/Horror, One-Act


Kill The Art


A rock opera about the greatest career criminal you've never heard of. An epic spanning decades and continents that tackles morality, connection, and the things we do just to make it out alive.

Currently in development 

Writing for Comics

Crashing Stars

Illustrated by Marcos Cañete

At the apex of an interplanetary cold war, a black-ops team must go behind enemy lines to shut down a weapon capable of destroying their homeworld.


Currently in development


May Calloway was born with the ability to see into the future - unfortunately, her memory resets every time she loses consciousness. With the help of her doctor, a team of superheroes, and a cryptic dream journal, she will attempt to save the world from an apocalyptic force that has yet to be born. 

Six-issue Limited Run

Hearts of Earth: Part I

Superheroes. A police detective. A conspiracy theorist. A cult leader. A master of the occult. And a young woman imbued with the primordial powers of nature itself. And they've all got a week to stop the world from caving in on itself. 

Graphic novel

Currently in development


Illustrated by Kennedy M. Nguyen

Graphic novel in development. News coming soon. Pitch document and treatment available for perusal upon request.

To be released Winter 2021 - 2022. 

The Moments After

A woman spends the night in her mother's mansion for the first time since her untimely passing in a psychiatric facility. Before the night is out, demons - literal and otherwise - make themselves known. 

8-page minicomic

Script available for perusal upon request.

Strange Bedfellows

In the year 2028, a mysterious event caused over half the population of Caughlin, USA to develop horrifying psionic abilities. 5 years later, a group of friends attempt to uncover the truth, fighting against their troubled pasts, a corrupt and powerful government, and a paranormal entity residing within one of their own minds. 

Graphic novel