Season 1

1. Everything Is Fine

In the series premiere, recently disgraced political pundit Gavin D'Angelo teams up with his staff - including producer Aleena, cameraperson Taylor, and writer Cameron - to alter the world of political commentary forever. Or at the very least, make enough money this week to keep the lights on.

2. Homecoming

Gavin receives an invite to participate in a debate on the very show he used to host, bringing Aleena closer to a new flame; Cameron fraternizes with Gavin's rival, Greg Orlando.

3. Data Dumps

When a confusing and vague government data breach occurs in the middle of the night, Gavin, Aleena, and Cameron work together to try to create a conspiracy theory out of thin air; Taylor develops an app.

4. Profile

A website wants to interview Gavin about "robot-gate;" Aleena tries to progress things with Gavin's ideological opposite Jordan Mazdov; Cameron inserts himself into Taylor's app development plans. 

5. Debate

It's all hands on deck as Jordan finally accepts Gavin's invitation to debate on his broadcast in a showdown that could make or break his career - with Aleena caught in the crossfire.

6. The Offer

In the season finale, the team deals with the aftermath of the debate against Jordan Mazdov, with exciting opportunities on the horizon for all. That is, if they aren't undercut by Greg Orlando first.